Tucked between Trinity Bellwoods, Parkdale, and West Queen West you’ll find Little Portugal, a colourful neighbourhood known for its delicious cuisine and vibrant street art. Bordered by Dovercourt Road, College Street, Dundas Street West, and the West Toronto Rail Path, Little Portugal is a lively, easily accessible community just west of Toronto’s downtown. 

Why you’ll love it here

The neighbourhood is aptly named for the large concentration of Portuguese and now Brazilian residents in the area. A hub of activity, this community is abundant with cultural events and amenities including art galleries, Portuguese and Brazilian restaurants and bars, and locally owned boutiques. 

Traditional Portuguese customs are strongly held in this community, with food and family being at the centre of life in Little Portugal. Dundas Street West is the hub of activity in the area, where residents congregate to sit for a meal, meet up with friends, or shop along the bustling corridor. Younger residents in the area spill into the streets after sunset to frequent the many authentic restaurants, lounges, and bars serving classic Portuguese dishes and playing traditional and popular music. 

To satisfy your Portuguese cravings, head to Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill for a classic Portuguese chicken dinner or traditional seafood dishes, or dine at Chiado Restaurant for an upscale experience centred around great Portuguese wine and old-world recipes. Brazil Bakery is the neighbourhood’s go-to spot for quintessential Portuguese desserts like pasteis de nada and biscoitos, and specialties like bifana.

Colourful murals paying homage to this neighbourhood can be seen while strolling throughout Little Portugal. Though largely residential, there is still much to explore in this pocket of the city. Along Dundas Street West you’ll find many new and established art galleries showcasing a mix of local and international works, from fine art to contemporary pieces. 

With big chains a rare sight in Little Portugal, small and independent businesses have been able to thrive. Whether you’re on the hunt for great cuisine, clothing, household items, specialty goods, or anything in between, you’ll find it along the Dundas Street West strip. There is a wonderful mix of restaurants, food markets, bars, venues, and boutique stores that line the streets, catering to your every need.

Little Portugal real estate

Low-rise apartments make up the majority of housing stock in Little Portugal, though there are some small detached mid-century homes with a little garden space available. Most residents in the neighbourhood are homeowners who have lived in the area for decades, which is part of the reason Little Portugal has a distinct close-knit community feel.

Be sure to visit Little Portugal in June to experience live performances, street food, performance art, and more from local talent and vendors at the Dundas West Fest which kicks off the summer season in this neighbourhood every year.

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