Understanding where and how home buyers are searching for homes gives us valuable information on what buyers are looking for. Knowing this means we can adjust our selling strategy to entice the type of buyer you want to attract.

When we sell your property, we research where home buyers typically spend their time looking for potential properties—both in neighbourhoods and online—and heavily target buyers in those areas and on those platforms.

Finding the right price

Through extensive market research and years of industry experience, we make sure to price your home correctly from the beginning of your selling journey. This step in marketing your Toronto home is one of the most effective strategies to help your property sell in less time and for top dollar.


Before we even list your home, we work to build excitement about your property around your neighbourhood, throughout the city, and within our extensive network of real estate agents, homeowners, and industry connections. We create a buzz before listing your property to get people interested, encourage better offers, and shorten the time it takes to sell.

Your property’s digital presence

Your ideal buyer likely spends a lot of time online, whether scrolling social media or reading news articles. It only makes sense to put as much effort into digital marketing tactics as traditional marketing efforts in order to expand the pool of potential buyers. We accomplish this through:

  • Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts
  • Social media user targeting
  • Video marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization tactics
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Sell Smarter

Discover our selling strategy and see how our team works to get you the best return on your real estate investment.