Each approach we take to help a client buy a home is different from the last. That’s because everyone we work with is unique and has individual goals and specific criteria that are important to them when searching for a new place to call home. It’s our job to make sure those goals are met—and it’s a job we take seriously.

Getting Started

We take a very tailored approach to helping buyers because we know that time is of the essence in real estate. Putting in the extra time in the beginning of the buying process to really understand what our clients want in a home creates a win-win situation and means we get you into your new home in less time.

We ask our clients the right questions upfront to get an accurate picture of what you’re looking for before our initial meeting. We then analyze that information to help us create a personalized plan to match you with homes that meet your expectations.

We pride ourselves on showing less properties to buyers because we spend more time in consultation than anyone else.

Sold Search Compilation

In our meeting, we’ll provide you with a sold search compilation to educate you on local market trends and help you better understand your market position. This information will also give you an accurate understanding of what your budget will actually buy you in this market.

Homes in today’s market usually sell for a different number than the list price.
Looking at the data for properties sold in your area instead of just the data for what’s listed gives you a better understanding of your purchasing power.

A house may be listed within your budget at $1.5 million, but looking at what a property actually sold for will give you a true understanding of market activity and help you better shape your expectations.

The Search

When on the hunt for your new home we provide context every single day to our buyers so you’re always informed. We’ll also consistently send updated morning emails with highlighted listings matching your criteria so you never miss out on a potential home.

Thanks to our perfected process, we regularly match our clients with off-market or pre-market homes—saving you valuable time, money, and energy.

Insider Advice

With an extensive background in construction, we provide valuable context during the walk-through for a potential home. We’ll point out any areas of concern and suggest possible upgrades that could change a home to fit your needs. We also leverage our building knowledge to help our buyers make solid offers and get better deals.

Industry Connections

Our full-service team includes an extended network of trusted industry contacts who will help make buying your home a smooth, simple process:

  • mortgage brokers
  • home inspectors
  • contractors
  • architects
  • builders
  • real estate lawyers
  • and more

Become An Educated Buyer

Empower your home purchase by getting a comprehensive real estate education from our expert team.