Michael Prior

Real Estate Broker & Founder

I started out in real estate in 2015 because I was excited about working in an industry where I could help people in my community achieve their dreams while having the freedom and flexibility to create the life I wanted for myself as well.

Before real estate, I worked in sales as a technical recruiter for years and loved everything about it━the competition, being able to create and build something positive, and helping people secure their financial future. Once I became a homeowner, I was naturally drawn to a career in real estate where I could combine my skills and experience to create generational wealth for my family and my clients.

As an agent with a specific background in construction and home renovation and having developed my own cash-positive investments, I’m able to provide our clients with unique industry insights and a competitive advantage in the market. I’ve also gained invaluable knowledge and expertise as a contractor which I’m able to use to guide our buyers, sellers, and investors through the transaction process, helping them achieve more from their property sale or home purchase.

In my first year as a real estate agent, I was awarded the Career Launch Award which confirmed for me that I was in the right industry. My greatest achievement as a real estate agent is creating The Prior Group, an award-winning team of truly amazing colleagues aligned in our purpose to uncomplicate real estate and do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve success.

Fun Fact #1

I’ve travelled to all 10 Canadian provinces, 15 American states, and 31 countries!

Fun Fact #2

I’ve biked down the world’s most dangerous road, North Yungas Road, Bolivia.

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